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Make-Up & Lashes: Programme
A Sparkle of Bella (LOGO 2.0).png

We believe that everyone is pretty in their own way, we just want to be a little bit ‘Xtra. We provide beauty essentials/products to enhance your already given beauty.

ASLAY (LOGO 2.0).png

We sell Eyelashes, Eyelash applicators/brushes. We also sell homemade lipglosses made with care.

Hu$tler is mainly about being the hardest working person you know. We want people to get up and grind and make their own money! And Hu$tler is here to make all my fellow hardworking people look poppin on a budget! We want to show people that even though you work hard after all the work you can still take time to slay and get into your bag at the same time! We sell lashes, lipglosses, sunglasses, durags etc…

Kelsa Cosmetics (LOGO).png

Kelsa is a Belgium-based cosmetic company founded by Kelly and Elsa, hence the name. We came up with this idea because we were both dealing with the same problem: we couldn’t find good lipstick colours for our complexions. This struggle sparked our creativity and led to us one day asking ourselves: ‘What if we start making our own lipsticks?’

MinkByLae (logo).png

Mink by Lae sells vegan lip glosses and Mink Luxury Lashes ranging between 18mm and 25 mm. As the beauty industry expands, Mink by Lae will be following with a personal touch.

MN MINK Lashes (LOGO).png

MN. Mink Lashes offers handmade eyelashes of one of the highest qualities in different styles for an affordable price. You can find different types of eyelashes from simple to dramatic eyelashes. We also sell necklaces.

We started This company to show that any black person can start his or her own business!  We put our time and passion in our business to make it perfect For our clients! 

Oshea Cosmetics (LOGO).png

We are a black-owned start-up business that provides cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics and skincare products in which the skincare will be for both genders. All in the inspiration of the motherland.

I started this business because I absolutely LOVE lipproducts but I couldn't find just the perfect one, I was always on the search of trying new lipproducts but in a world where products are mostly adjusted to lighter skintones, I decide to start my own cosmetic line and started with lipgloss, I put my time and passion in this business to create something for everyone. The secret recipe behind my products are filled with deep thoughts, hopes and dreams, love, patience and an extra touch of my spicy personality! 100% cruelty free & vegan.

Copie de Template.png

For your handmade vegan/cruelty lipglosses.

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