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Hair & Wig Shops: Programme
Blessed By Jenisty (LOGO 2.0).png

Blessed By Jenisty is a hair business that mainly specialises in wig services. We offer custom wigs, quality hair extensions and other hair services.

Hair By Jennah (LOGO 2.0) (2).png

Jennifer, nicknamed Jennah is an artisan wig maker (trained by Chrissy Bales and Glam Lace Paris) who offers quality hair extensions and also makes and poses your wigs for all kinds of occasions.


Latoma Hair and Beauty is an online hair store that sells luxury high quality wigs and hair extensions. Our company vision is to deliver luxury hair at honest prices, we see ourself as a price setter and not a price follower because we believe high quality products should be affordable for everyone. Latoma Hair and Beauty sets itself apart from its competitors with the quality and price of our hair!

Marywigs (LOGO).png

We are selling hairpockets named the "goodie hairpocket". It removes the need for storage boxes or mannequin heads and it can fit in any wardrobe. No more storing your extensions or wigs in a plastic or drawer. Now you can treat your hair like the investments they are

Purfect Hair (LOGO).png

We sell pre-stretch braiding hair online

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