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Haircare: Programme
Chez CyLu (LOGO).png

Chez CyLu was created by a young African woman that decided after years embrace her natural hair again. She did a lot of research and found out that she could have a strong and beautiful natural hair by using the right products and accessories for her type of hair. And that’s how the idea of creating Chez CyLu was born....
At Chez CyLu you can find hair products and accessories from different brands. So, if you want to treat yourself (or someone dear to you), you are at the right place.

Keeping your hair beautiful, thick and healthy is important to us!

That's why we take the extra step to make personalised hair regimen, tips and products that will suit your hair type!

DibaBoc (LOGO 2.0).png

Une box bimestrielle qui permet de (re)découvrir les auteur.trices du continent Africain et de la diaspora. Mais aussi de prendre soin des cheveux crépus ou bouclés avec un produit capillaire naturel. Là box est composée d’un livre de poche, un produit capillaire dédié aux cheveux bouclés, crépus sélectionné et testé par l’équipe. Un accessoire pour la routine de coiffure. Et des surprises gourmandes ou culturelles en relation avec le continent Africain.

Diba veut dire génial en Dida, ethnie ivoirienne

Her Healthy Hair is a brand that provides homemade organic products for all hair types. We use different tools to extract the needed and necessary portion from the organic food in order to formulate the perfect mix of each product.


Naanu is a natural cosmetic brand that puts the focus on care. The products are designed for textured, afro and curly hair. The main ingredient of our products is shea butter from Ghana.

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