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Couture: Handmade Fashion: Programme

Established in July 2016, Antwiofficial is a Belgium-based premium ready-to-wear brand for women founded by fashion designer/student Victoria Antwi. Inspired by the female silhouette that translates itself into timeless and classy pieces for the fearless woman. A woman who is not afraid to stand out. Every shape, color and design is selected carefully so we can assure a feeling of empowerment that flatters every skin-tone. Designed and made in Belgium.

We also provide custom-made bridal and evening dresses.


Where casual meets fashion.

What sets us apart from others is that everything at M C K DESIGNSTUDIO will be handmade and made with passion and love for the art of fashion.

We are one of the very few clothing brands that provide custom-made clothing by using multiple variants of sizing and measurements. We even take it a step further by offering different lengths for our pants' collection.

This way we can assure you that our clothes will fit you perfectly, according to your own preferences.

THE MOJO is a brand that stands for effortless, timeless quality clothing, inspired by the colours and the people from the sun. Our goal is to promote self love, slow fashion and conscious living in harmony with nature.

Upcy'Chic (LOGO).png

Chez Upcy'chic vous trouverez un vaste choix de produits à des prix "réglos" pour le consommateur et le designer en quelques clics seulement.

Upcy'chic a été fondé en 2020 par deux étudiantes, l'une en stylisme et l'autre en communication. Son nom vient de la fusion de l’upcycling et de chic. En ajoutant chic, nous voulions donner un côté plus glamour à cette technique de recyclage qu’est l’upcycling.

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