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Apparel & Clothing: Programme
Amen Wesh (LOGO).png

Amen Wesh is a brand of clothing and accessories that defends Christian values like love, joy and authenticity and breaks stereotypes around Christians.

Ball Print (LOGO 2.0).png

Ball Print is a sports-streetwear & Academy supporter created to put an ACCENT, on whatever you do you can leave PRINTS & INSPIRE others to leave theirs. Whether its through Sports, Art, Music, Illustrations, Parenting and even in your daily routine you can be an EXAMPLE and set a tone for others. Our brand wants to be a part of your definition of leaving your PRINT. Everybody got a unique fingerprint why not leave them on something or someone while we here?

Be Faren (LOGO 2.0).png

It is our belief that every woman has a glimpse of adventurousness within her and at Be Faren taking them daily through an adventure of different and fresh fashion styles and trends is always a delight. At Be Faren we want our clients also known as Farenbabes to look and feel Young and Fun yet Ambitious, Sexy yet Classy, Pretty yet Fierce and Alluringly Stylish yet Bossy. Only with Be Faren clothing and accessories is this possible because we strive towards enabling women  to look and feel the way they want thereby just being themselves.

Thus Be Faren – Be you

Our mission is to provide Farenbabes with fashion-forward quality clothing and accessories at an affordable price with superior customer service.

Deze Guy (LOGO).png

Deze Guy's name and idea started off in Thailand and brought to life in Belgium.

​It's more than just a brand, it's a lifestyle, a way of projecting yourself into this flat earth. Be assertive.

​Minimal fashion - Unisex designs - Urbanwear

Inconnu (LOGO).png

INCONNU is a contemporary streetwear brand, a blend of cultural and artistic influences.

Mujinga (LOGO 2.0).png

Mujinga est une nouvelle marque afro qui propose des t-shirts et des sweats pour hommes et femmes dans des collections en lien avec l’Afrique, notre culture. La vision de créer des vêtements qui te ressemblent. Tu l'auras compris avec MUJINGA, tu portes ce qui te ressemble.

Muso Kuso (LOGO 2.0).png

MUSO KUSO is a Belgian brand that was created in 2017 by Emanuel Ricci.

Worn by Post Malone, Young Thug, Lil Pump and Gunna.

MUSO KUSO is a brand that bridges the United States and Europe. 

Inspired by the urban culture and the hip-hop industry, the purple coloured brand is quickly becoming the favorite choice of renowned artists such as SmokePurpp or Playboi Carti.

Rebellische Seele (LOGO 2.0).png

We create sustainable streetwear pieces made from organic and recycled materials that don’t add to the current issue of pollution within the fashion industry. Our pieces are made for the bold, fierce and spicy individuals that want to look edgy and street but not add to their ecological footprint. We are creating a sustainable community for those not easily controlled or kept in place, for people with a rebellious  soul.

TrenteNeuf (LOGO).png

Trenteneuf is the clothing brand that represents your/our city in many different ways. We do not limit ourselves to one particular style or genre. Our goal is to ensure quality and originality, while providing you with a good service. This goal is a priority for us to live up to. This is a dream that has come true, but it's just the beginning

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