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Accessories & Jewelry: Programme

All the essential products you need! We sell a lot of products for women and men. Our shop is based on today's young people. what attracts them the most & we also try to show them in a productive way that not everything is about luxery.

We are an online store that sells sunglasses and more


Once upon a time...

Customised bobs & masks made in Belgium.

Patella (LOGO).png

Born in Ghana, our love for fashion were inspired by nature and our personal sense of fashion. The basic features of our products are the presence of edgy designs, artistically crafted to suit our clients' tastes and needs. What makes our products unique is that it is sewed by highly experienced and skilled craftsmen. Again it is designed to suit any weather condition.

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SLK. sells slick and silky accessories. At the moment our collection exists of satin durags, bonnets and scrunchies. We hope to expand our collection in the future. Other than its selling activities SLK. Stands for Seeking the Lord’s Kingdom. In our blogposts we want to glorify God. This, by helping people to find answers to their questions concerning Christianity, and by encouraging them on their walk with the Lord.

Affordable, handmade and unique is our motto. Everything we sell is handmade with hypoallergenic material.
Our style is young, playful and colourful, inspired by the beauty of our Haitian roots.


Wax en or est une entreprise qui fabrique et produit des accessoires maison, accessoires pour Hommes, Femmes et enfants et aussi des vêtements pour tous. Le but est vraiment d’apporter une touche de modernité dans le porte de pagnes qui est souvent considéré comme tissus pour mamans etc ... L’idée est vraiment de valoriser et de moderniser le port du tissus wax.

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